How I Got Started

A few scant years ago, during the Prehistoric Age of radio and television, those years before cds, cassettes, mp3 and the internet, I started my career fresh out of college in small market radio. After a year of long hours, abysmal pay, and an apparent shortage of what I felt was Big Time disc jockey talent, I left the industry on my own volition.

After several years away from the game, I re-entered the television and radio industry from a multitude of perspectives, including doing voice- overs. While I always believed I had the voice quality and basic rudiments to do commercials and industrials on a larger stage, I felt I could use more seasoning as well as the perspective of a professional national voice actor.

Luckily for me I met Susan Berkley, a nationally known female voice talent, who also teaches the art of voice- overs and voice acting. During these classes, I along with fellow students, had the opportunity to perform a variety of voice styles, intonations, dialects, and reads. It was great fun! This certainly changed my perspective on the finer aspects of voice acting and voice-over.


These classes rekindled my original belief that I had the potential to be a quality player in the radio and television industry. I certainly enjoy being in the industry. While I employ a variety of reads, I do an occasional dreaded in-your-face car commercial. No they haven’t killed all of us off yet!

As always, I appreciate your time and interest in considering me for your next voice project.